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School Uniform

There is no expectation for any of our school uniform to be branded  or have the school logo on it.  Some of the local supermarkets stock our uniform or it can be bought online from the supermarket sites too.  We also have some donated, second hand uniform in school.


  • Burgundy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan

  • White or yellow polo shirt

  • Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers

  • Grey, burgundy or black tights

  • White/grey socks



  • Burgundy/red gingham summer dress

  • White or yellow polo shirt

  • Grey pinafore, skirt, trousers or shorts

  • White or grey socks

  • Oratory sun cap or one from home

PE kit

  • Plain t shirt in the children's house colour. (red, yellow, blue or green) No football tops or t-shirts with logos.

  • Black shorts

  • Black pumps

  • Tracksuit - black or dark blue for colder weather.


  • Shoes - in all cases, black ‘sensible’ shoes should be worn as part of the school uniform – never trainers.

  • Hair - children with long hair, past their shoulders, must have it tied or pinned back. Hair bands and clips are allowed if they are simple and small.

  • Earrings - small stud earrings only.

  • Necklaces - children should not wear necklaces to school.  

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