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Our school was last inspected by Ofsted in November 2022, when the school was judged as inadequate overall, but good in some areas.

Some strengths noted in the report include:

  • Pupils are happy to be at the school and feel safe. This is because they know that staff care about them and look after them well..

  • Early reading and phonics are coherently sequenced. There are clear expectations for what pupils should know and by when.

  • Key Stage 2 pupils read more fluently and confidently. This is because the support they receive happens more frequently.

  • Pupils actively contribute to the life of the school through being a ‘prayer partner’ or being on the school council. Play leaders support younger pupils to stay active at playtimes.

  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

You can read our Ofsted inspection reports below:

You can view our OFSTED report here.

Parent View

You can now share your views on our school via Ofsted's Parent View website. By sharing your views, Ofsted hopes you'll be helping the school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about us.


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Religious Inspection

Our last Religious (Section 48) Inspection was in July 2019, when we were judged to be a good Catholic school overall.

Summary of the key findings for parents and pupils: this is a good Catholic school because:

  • The mission of the school, following the words of Blessed John Henry Newman, ‘Shine as to be a light to others,’ is known and understood by pupils, staff and governors. It directs their thoughts and actions in all areas of school life.

  • Staff and governors ensure that pupils learn and grow in a nurturing and caring environment, where they are valued and developed spiritually and morally.

  • The support of the priest chaplain has a profound effect on the Catholic Life of the school community. His living witness of faith in Jesus Christ is an inspiration to pupils and staff.

  • Religious Education is appreciated by pupils and staff as an important subject. Pupils are generally very interested in their work and have a good subject knowledge. They understand that their learning in Religious Education influences the way that they should live.

  • Collective Worship is a cherished and regular part of school life. Meaningful and varied experiences of prayer are planned and provided by staff, the priest chaplain and, increasingly, by pupils.

You can read the full report below:

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